Dallas is the most sought after fashion illustrator in the industry, acting as: artist, project designer and style ambassador to the most powerful fashion houses. 

It was only a few short years ago that Dallas Shaw was an aspiring Disney artist who took a sharp turn on her career path, driving full speed and straight toward fashion-industry royalty.  

Her client list seems almost unreal. She’s THE girl designers, beauty brands and even travel companies call, and call back, to lend drawings and style expertise at the beginning of every important product launch. You could call her the Olivia Pope of the fashion industry.

Every company knows her, and every brands wants her. Her back story is awe-inspiring and will make you want to quit your 9 to 5 and chase your wildest dreams. Her social channels act as motivation for every dreamer. Her personal style drives you to throw out all of your old fashion rules, take your collectors’ pieces off of the shelf and live in them. 

Dallas Shaw has viewers everywhere in love with ripped denim, neon script, pink birds - whatever that “thing” is that her artistic eye is drawn to. If she’s into it this week, she’s got the rest of the industry onboard and lusting over it with her.

She is an artist, a brand ambassador, a creative director, a boss, a tv personality, and an inspiration. In addition to her day job(s), her personal style is watched closely by 300,000 faithful fashion followers, checking her social websites daily for as much art, fashion, beauty, and travel content they can get their eyes on. In her spare time, she’s pinning and tweeting all of the whimsy. She shares every moodboard, color palette and million-dollar project online (along with the occasional joke). Followers consider Shaw their insiders’ secret, following her every move from the tip of her pencil to the bottoms of her Louboutins. (Yes, he’s also one of her clients.) 

Check out all of this and more on on this website and her inspiration blog, and after you're all sorts of inspired email Dallas to collaborate on your next stylish project. 
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