{ 6 fall blushes so gorgeous that we may not want to use them. Oh but we will. }

It’s embarrassing how much makeup I buy in the early fall. It’s that time of year when all of the best palettes are out and also when I begin a new beauty routine for the season. After a summer of not wearing much on my face, I’m ready for some color as my tan fades
away. ( Sad Dally).

I’ve searched high and low and tried countless shades but here are the 6 you should check out right now before they are gone. All at Nordstrom. No not a paid post- just trying to keep it easy for you. Actually I lied, one really good one is from elsewhere because it’s that good.

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{ Dior Origami Multi-Shade Blush Palette }

1) Yes I buy blush based on packaging and no I’m not ashamed of it. I work in visuals people. This Origami Multi-Shade Blush Palette by Dior is insanely cool. When mixed up it will add just a touch of color, so it will work on many skin tones. But I have to admit it’s the 80’s-esque font and design that really won me over. Hands down fave. Available and 100% exclusive to Bloomingdales. Buy here if there are any left.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.27.54 PM.jpg

{ Tom Ford Cheek Color in Disclosure }

2)  Tom Ford Cheek Color in Disclosure. A dusty rose tone is a good shade to have on hand during that in-between seasons time because it goes with everything. Tom Ford colors are rich in tone and have consistency, so just a touch goes a long way...if you dare mess up the logo. Oh, we dare ya.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 12.36.21 PM copy.jpg

{ By Terry Sun Designer Palette in Savannah Love }

3) By Terry Designer Palette in Savannah Love. Ok but the truth is that I’m buying this because I’m wildly obsessed with the pressed palm leaf print in addition to the 6 shades. I was introduced to By Terry years ago when I illustrated a beauty book by an all knowing Glamour editor. I fell off the wagon for a bit but came back this year when I found their By Terry Crayon Kohl Terribly and now I’m adding this palette.

These next two are shades that everyone should own but would never in a million years believe me unless you have tried them.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 1.43.53 PM.jpg

{ Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte in Parisienne }

4) First up, Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte in Parisienne.  This shade will make you stop in the cosmetics isle and look at it and say, “yikes too bright” out loud, then keep moving. Next time stop and try it right there. A touch added to the apples of your cheeks with a large brush makes you look 100 times more vibrant. My friend and I have completely different skin tones- I have olive skin and medium brown hair while she is fair and very light blonde- and we BOTH use this bright pink. I’m not claiming to know how it’s possible but it’s the truth. Just use it very sparingly and add it at the end of your beauty routine.


{ Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Creamy Glow in Pravella }

5) I don’t know how else to explain this but... remember that year that the Kardashian’s makeup got really good on camera? Well I ended up on a project with someone who did makeup on them so of course I asked for the insider info.

Creamy burnt orange blush applied to the hollows and sides of your cheeks (not apples). I then tried Tata Harper’s shade of cream and swore by it for years until it got discontinued (as does all of the good stuff). Since then I’ve been searching for a replacement. I tried powder blush—didn’t stay put. I even tried a Mac shade of lipstick on my cheeks—and then broke-out. And then, right here in Nordstrom, I finally found a replacement shade! Hallelujah ! Trust me this color is quite possibly the most difficult to find and looks amazing on olive skin, so stock up.

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 2.09.00 PM copy.jpg

{ Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher in Pink Blush }

6) Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher in Pink Blush. When I was young I started with Clinique, and as I became more steady with a brush, ended up using more pigmented brands. This week I re-fell in love with their soft-pressed powder blush packaging. Look at this marble minty goodness. I chose this pink blush shade which is taking me right back to my younger years in more ways than one.


Happy blush shopping readers- if you have a shade you love and you think I will too, feel free to leave a little note. Always curious and know you have good taste.

{ No. 1 Dior Origami Multi-Shade Blush Palette }  { No. 2 Tom Ford Cheek Color }  { No. 3 By Terry Sun Designer Palette }  { No. 4 Yves Saint Laurent Blush Volupte }  { No. 5 Kevyn Aucoin Beauty The Creamy Glow }  { No. 6 Clinique Soft-Pressed Powder Blusher  }

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