{ An inside look at the work of Emily Gibbons }

While scrolling through Anthropologie.com, per usual, when I came across the stunning work of Emily Gibbons. Instantly, I knew I had to know more. So, I reached out to get you (and me) the inside scoop.

1. How did you get to where you are now?
I have always been interested in artistic endeavors. I was a fine arts major with an emphasis on painting in college, but once I was finished with school, I became more interested in making wearable art and jewelry. I started experimenting with metals and gemstones and quickly fell in love with the materials and the organic process of creating something beautiful that can be worn and enjoyed. A friend who owned a jewelry boutique noticed and encouraged me to take it seriously. She started selling my work in her shop in Austin, Texas. Realizing that I had something unique to offer to the world of accessories, I started to put more energy into making jewelry and learning how to create a business out of my passion.  A few years later, and a move to Oregon, and I now work with several boutiques around the country. Last year my work was noticed on Instagram by the buyers at Anthropologie. They reached out and asked me to create pieces for them. We had a really successful collaboration with them giving me inspiration on color and stones, and the freedom to create my own unique pieces for them. It has been a great year of growth for my business, and I am looking forward to where things will go from here. 

2. Walk us though your design and creation process:
I have a very organic way of creating new pieces. I usually have an abstract idea in my head and skip the sketching process and just work through a creation with the materials until it fits my vision. Other times I will think of a theme for a collection, work on sketches, find stones that will enhance those shapes and themes, and go from there. My favorite way to work is making things exclusively for one person, custom. I can get a sense of who someone is and try to make something that is perfect just for that one person. Every piece is made exclusively by hand, so even with a set design, you are getting a one of a kind piece. It is important for me to show the artistic touch in every piece. 

3. What inspires your work?
 So many things are inspirations for me. Of course the natural beauty of the stones I work with, the pliability and strength of the metals I use, the rustic and imperfect beauty found in the natural world. Women inspire me...their strength, beauty, diversity. I want to create things that make people happy, feel beautiful, and value their jewelry as much as any other form of art. 

4. Tell me more about your materials:
I work with all natural gemstones, and use for most pieces 14k gold fill. It is a high quality metal that will never tarnish or fade and is more affordable than full karat gold. I use 14k gold for custom orders, or for any of my signature pieces if requested. Sterling silver is also always an option. I like to customize even set designs to fit the client to their best liking. 

5. How long does it take you to make one piece?
It depends on the piece of course, but I will use the current pieces in the Anthropologie collection as examples here. The intricate earrings featured there take about 2 to 3 hours a piece. All of the wire wrapping and individual weaving of gemstone beads takes time, but the results are worth it.

Head on over to her site to see why I fell in love!  

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