{ Apple and Oak Nashville }

I was scrolling through Instagram one night – you know, during my 3 am insomnia hour- when I spotted the aptly captioned “Mother of all Chairs” on the @appleandoaknash feed. I DM’ed them that very moment with the message “ Is this chair for sale? If it is please do not sell it- I’ll come for it asap!” and the next day there I was riding up the elevator in my brand new peacock chair. (This really happened. Someone got on at floor 4 and I was sitting in it and greeted them with a casual “hey.”) It seemed a little odd, not the elevator ride, but the concept of buying a chair for the bedroom, before I even had proper sheets, but I couldn’t bare to let her slip out of my hands.


I keep a fur throw on it, solely because I like the rattan better than the white chevron seat. It’s strong back lines and loops add some whimsy to the corner of this space. I can’t wait to see what she looks like as the room fills!!

{ Apple & Oak Nashville Large Peacock Chair }

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