{ Austin Visitors: The Driskill Hotel is Your Place }

Much to the dismay of many people who think that I've obviously been to Texas because my name is Dallas, I've actually never visited the state before this month. I wasn't avoiding it, you know I've got nothing against stars and spray painted love signs, it's just that work keeps me pretty much East Coast these days so I haven't gotten a chance to take on a project there yet (Which is how I end up seeing most places that I get to visit. Will travel for artwork.)


When Hyatt's Unbound Collection invited to do some illustrations for The Driskill  I grabbed my Goorin hat and hopped on a plane to Austin, Texas. 

There are two types of hotels I love. 1) a luxury resorts where I can stay at the pool the entire time and 2) unique boutique hotels that are covered in good design, and have some solid stories stories behind it. If you're going to Austin and you really want the Texan experience The Driskill is your place to stay while in town. If I can't convince you, maybe the cowhide horseshoe goodness I'm about to gush about will sway you. 


My room was spacious and long but also sweet and had so much character. It actually reminded me of my grandparent's house growing up- and I mean that in a good way. With it's homey and cozy-yet-somehow-ornate vibe, it made me feel like I was at right at home in a new city. I was lucky enough to stay in one of the rooms with a balcony and spent every morning out there working as the sun came up. Bonus points for balcony rocker chairs, Driskill.

When you stay there make sure to check out the 1886 Cafe and Bakery downstairs ( a few little PR birdies told me this sweet story about how when the hotel originally shut down, the town had a bake sale... yes a bake sale. Is there anything sweeter? I know. ) and raised $700,000 to reopen the hotel . So if you don't have a pastry there it's basically blasphemy.


Also The Driskill Bar is the hands-down coolest hotel bar (I'm not even going to call it a "hotel bar" b/c it has it's own door) that I have ever spent time in. Local friends referred to it in conversation as the cowboy bar because yeah, it's cowboy-heavy decor is EVERYTHING.  Gold-painted and tiled ceilings, cowhide tables,  gun & horseshoe lamps made my so happy I didn't even need a drink! (yes of course I did. Try "the Batini". Cheers.) My absolutely favorite part is a piano in the middle of the space with a stained glass yellow rose on the top. People actually pull up high back seats to and sit at the piano. Had to.


I spent a few days at The Driskill making some new friends,doing vintage shopping, sipping on Rainey Street and even walked over to the I love you so much sign which is surrounded by the coolest stores in town (check the gypsy wagon). 

I wrapped up the trip by meeting the beautiful PR team at the hotel. That southern hospitality that I'm getting so familiar with from living in Nashville really rings true in Austin too. After I wrap some artwork for the team, I'll make it a point to hand deliver it.

Psst: when you stay-- balcony room. 

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