{ Bare Minerals }

Just before I took a little jaunt to Canada for the holiday, I made a pit stop in NYC to meet with the Bare Minerals team. I've been a long-time user of the product, and we've been in contact for some time, but I never got to meet them face to face! 

Thank god I did, because they introduced me to their newest skincare products-- Eternalixir, Brilliant Future, and Blemish Remedy. Naturally, these had me eager to begin my beauty resolutions. I can't resist a beautiful bottle, and here are my three newest favorites. 

My focus on skincare for 2017 might be easier with bottles like this- they are already on display on my mirrored tray as a reminder for daily use. 

Tip straight from the BM team: when applying more than one product (serums, creams) begin with the thinnest end with the thickest.

Early fav: Brilliant future, due to the creamy consistency (and the bottle obvs). Oh and they told me you can use the blemish remedy daily as a preventive or just when your skin gets cranky.