{ Bare Minerals Gen Nudes Collection }

Okay so a few weeks ago I received some serious love from the Bare Minerals team that I just had to share with you all. The full Gen Nude Patent Lip Lacquer Collection and powder blush. Seriously every shade you could think of. The pressed powder blush is so soft and blendable, it gives the most natural radiant finish. While I always reach for a peach blush, the collection had so many pinks I couldn't resist trying something new.


The lip lacquers were just as good. So many pretty neutrals, I couldn't pick just one favorite. Something perfect for every occasion. I'm starting to think the Bare Minerals team has been reading a certain book or something (cough cough, The Way She Wears It). Thank you to the BareMinerals Team team for keeping our beauty cabinets fully stocked with amazing products we can't resist. 

Much love, 

Dal Xx

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