{ Be a part of the press tour!}

Hi friends,

About this time last year I announced some big news--that I signed on with Harper Collins for my very first book. "The Way She Wears It", an illustrated guide to revealing your personal style, is set to launch in March 2017.

The editorial team is about to plan a 3-month press tour (it’s about to go dowwwwn!) and in true Dallas style, I’d like to get really creative with this tour-–because you know I can’t handle a basic book signing.

I’ve learned in this process that I have a very difficult time asking for help and support and I’ve decided to swallow my pride and just open this ask up. Right now, the team is in the early planning stages of the tour and we are asking all fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands, stylish friends, personalities, talent- basically everyone I know- “How can we partner?”.

I’m open to your ideas and excited to see where this 3 month tour goes!!! yeep!

Let’s get this brainstorm started:

Fashion Brands for posts/morning show placement (We honestly have a lot of offers here)
2. Team-ups for exclusives in magazine features
3.R-TW Beauty, Access, Hotel sponsors for tour

While I can't tell you much here on the blog just yet, I can schedule a call with our team to  discuss this further. What I can say, is that we feel we have the coolest concept and are in need of some cool friends to help us formulate the plan. Email me at info@dallasshaw.com, (or if you know me shoot me a text) and we'll get this convo started.

Dallas Shaw