{ Dallas Shaw x 31 bits hits Anthro }

I few months ago I was asked to design a piece of jewelry for 31 Bits31 Bits is a socially conscious jewelry company that gives displaced women in Northern Uganda an opportunity to combat poverty through fashion. When we had our design meeting and I told them I would like my piece to be an anklet the team said "We've never had an anklet!" which was kind of exciting for me. Wasn't quite sure how the anklet would be received but I felt like it was a great fit. We kept in simple but special with two different types of chains, three layers, metallic paper beads and shells.


I was proud to get a surprise email from the girls there telling me not only had it been selling well but it also got picked up by my personal favorite store, Anthropologie.

Just sharing the good news since it warned my heart to see this little anklet do so much for a good cause. You can grab yours here (link to bracelet on anthro) or here.

{ shop the anklet here }

{photos by alison conklin for 31 bits }