{ Dallas Shaw x Hotel Martinez }

I landed in Cannes, France straight from my last design project. One foot out of my taxi, I looked up at the large, famous, white Hotel Martinez sign and I knew, with a warm breeze, that this hotel was about to provide a whole new experience Everything was so bright and chic. I saw white tents with string lights, the art deco décor, and glamorous guests in dresses giving each other double kisses. This atmosphere was new and just like that I was ready to explore. I decided to spend the first day in Cannes, exploring Hotel Martinez and the boardwalk area.

When you are in a hotel this glamorous, the inspiration doesn’t exactly take long to find. The bright, white lobby is spacious and the single table in the center with it’s daily fresh flower arrangements, is so simple yet so strong that I found myself taking photos every time I entered and exited.

This spot feels very posh, where all guests (and their pets) are sporting rhinestones, eating gelato, and drinking wine. Hotel Martinez is on La Croisette, the famous boulevard that stretches along the shore of the Mediterranean Sea. Where luxury stores like Gucci, Balenciaga, Miu Miu, Armani are just steps from the hotel. All of this, and I haven’t even mentioned the perfect weather or the view from my room.

From my beautiful room, my balcony doors opened to overlook the restaurant and had and a breathtaking view of the ocean which was filled with boats. Here are some of my favorite images from this beautiful hotel from The Unbound Collection by Hyatt.

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