{ Dallas Shaw x Phyto Paris }

If you have been following along on instagram, you know all about my new found love for Phyto Paris. I had the honor of joining them for fashion week, and have been obsessed ever since. Their products are some of the best haircare in the biz, and I truly stand behind them. Their botanical blends of masks and oils are easy to fall for. 

Phyto first approached me regarding NYFW with the ask of producing illustrations of my favorite looks. We then worked to recreate the looks using Phyto products, which was easy with their line-up.

It was a natural decision to collaborate upon book launch, which is why I am so excited to share that they are selling custom totes with a signed copy of "The Way She Wears It". The tote (with a custom illy by yours truly) includes a few of my favorite Phyto products--and trust me, I have tried them all.