{ DS Ebay: Things YOU Need }

Hi all! This year I wrote a book which If you haven't picked up yet- -seriously already, I thought we were friends?? After book tour I decided I would start a new venture which I'll share soon. Starting a new biz is very pricey so we decided to sell everything, yeah everything, we used for the book and put profit towards the new project!

If you've read it then you know how epic this is. 

Here is what I can tell you- it's a lot of amazing designer product and we'll start bids super cheap. 

Hoping all of these beauties that we've spent so much time with will go to good, stylish homes. Everything is new, and/or only used in photo shoots for The Way She Wears It so enjoy!

New products will be up daily until we run out ;) 

The eBay page can be found here

And here are a few things up this week !

 Stay tuned for tons of beauty products, and if you're a size 6 shoe then you'll score even bigger.