{ DS Edit: Cisco Brothers }

I do a lot of online shopping for furniture. Luckily I have had the opportunity to be a speaker at a few home shows, and there I’ve been introduced to some beautiful home brands that I go back to visit online every month or so. Cisco Brothers is one of those sites for me and was one that I visited quickly after learning about my move.

No one does seating like Cisco Brothers IMHO, so I grabbed my couch from the site—and will probably go back for a few more must haves. Since I’ve been through the entire site about 20 times I thought I’d share my personal favorites.

The Henry one piece and two piece sofa. GAH! Those PILLOWS!


{ Henry 108 Sofa }

The squish-factor on this chair seems right.

{ Alcott Chair Leather }

Need this. I think all of my ottoman palette wishes are right here in the Radley