{ DS x SF }


Step right up for a giveaway from my heart. My best friend Ashli-who you probably know from my Instagram story adventures- owns a company called Sunday Forever. Since she has been a huge support or my book, and in my life, we decided a lil giveaway of our personal faves would be nice.  Sunday Forever makes dreamy kimonos (yes you also Know those from my Insta stories- good vibes, handmade evil eye totems and that coconut incense that I literally cannot live without ...I could go on and on but instead just go visit. 

We have decided to give away to one lucky winner, a copy of "The Way She Wears It", a new Viv kimono, and a set of the best friend bracelets we designed together. 

When I tell you these are a few of my favorite things, I mean it! To enter, follow @dallasshaw and @sundayforever on Instagram and then click the link { here } to enter your email in the giveaway.


The winner will be announced a week from today!

Good luck xx