{ Elisa Solomon Collaboration Press Kits }

I'm so excited to share with you one of the best parts of these collaborations. The press kits. Knowing my love of opals, and fine jewelry--You should've guessed this press kit with Elisa Solomon was epic!

After all is said and done, a new creative concept begins. The DS office becomes a whirlwind of ideas to embody the collaboration, in a little, physical box. If you received our Dawes Design press box, you saw a mix of beautiful graphics, laser cut envelopes, and al illustrated box.

This time around, Kylie hand marbled and designed graphics to give the boxes a unique touch. We had the ring photographed by the very best, Alison Conklin, and printed to include. The final touch on these babies--Opalescent macarons. Yes, you heard me. Honeybeesweetsandtreats brought our concept into full effect (and stuffed it with buttercream). 

Follow along on instagram for more behind the scenes pictures. And if you are as obsessed with these rings as much as we are, get your own here!

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