{ Eliza Jane, Mix Master Specialist }

Austin- check. Nashville – check. British Columbia - check. I’ve been to three hotels within The Unbound Collection by Hyatt hotels in three months, finding inspiration and creating something unique for each hotel.

Next up: The Eliza Jane in New Orleans (How much do you love this name btw). I’ve never been to New Orleans so I was excited to see what the hotel would look like. We got into town bright and early and walked in THIS lobby. My eyes jumped from the chandelier, to the tiles, to the couch and to my right, the check-in area that complimented it perfectly.

Decided-@theelizajanenola is a mix master.


Once I was peeled away from the lobby (do I have to ??), I hit my room to unpack. I walked in to a perfectly roomy space, a neatly made bed with two purposefully mismatched lamps on each nightstand, “yessss Eliza, yes you get me.”

I hung my dresses from the open closet just inside the door, tucked away my work out clothes (that I didn’t wear btw), and then walked into the open kitchen / living area to find THE sweetest gift from the soon-to-be restaurant Couvant.


The wallpaper in the kitchen, the cool plates on the wall, perfectly complemented and connected the living area with its pink seats, green stools, and killer mixed patterned couch. 

But the ICING on the suite was around the corner. Almost as big as the rest of the entire space, the bathroom was a showstopper. Check out this shower/tub. Need I say more?


After I was fully unpacked I walked downtown to see what the city was all about. While some places were very clearly party spots, The Eliza Jane felt like a quiet, moody-cool escape at the end of a very hot day.

I had a lot of exploring to do. Seeing a city with new eyes is so inspirational. The beads, the iron, the jazz in the streets... I couldn’t wait to get exploring.


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