{ Engage Summits Part 1 }

When I was called to speak at Engage Summits last week I was curious to know more-  First I said yes of course, and then I started asking questions to industry friends who have attended. "What exactly is engage? A conference? A networking opp? Someone explain." Everyone's response "It's neither, and both. It's an experience and it's so. much. fun."

Ok. Still slightly confused I got my presentation ready, packed my sunscreen and headed to Cayman for Engage!17 unsure of what to expect but excited nonetheless. I arrived at the Kimpton Seafire resort (beautiful btw check it out) to find about 350 of the top planners/ photographers/ florists/ designers in the industry. It was after day one that I realized - this is no conference. This is one unreal luxury experience for the industry insiders. 

Don't believe me- check out the locations this year.


Paul_Morse 1928.jpg
Paul_Morse 1963.jpg

I spoke about finding my own path, changing my mind creatively and even a little about social media and by the end of the day had met team members from Vogue, Martha Stewart and even PR reps from the island itself. Then the fun began (I truly hope you were with us on insta stories for the hilarity of the stingray swim.)