{ Finding Mindfulness & Inspiration at Spirit Ridge }

When I told people where I was headed for my next inspiration trip with The Unbound Collection by Hyatt they all said the same thing:  “It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen”.

I had questions. If British Columbia was in fact that beautiful, how was I unaware of the town of Osoyoos before this project. I had never heard mention of it until I said I was going to Spirit Ridge on my next Unbound x Hyatt inspiration trip, and then suddenly, everyone I knew filled me in on the secret. 

After a very full day of travel (which I hope you were all entertained by on Insta stories) we arrived in the dark. While we were excited about what the place would look like in the sunlight, we underestimated what we’d find outside of our balcony windows the following morning.

I woke up to one of the most incredible views I’ve ever seen. I stood on my wrap-around balcony staring at the view for 5 full minutes before I even realized I had my own private jacuzzi out there. Note to self: relax outside with a wine asap.

My room really showed itself off when the sun light came through to warm up the full kitchen and living room. The rooms are villas so it felt homey and spacious.

After putting in a sufficient few work hours I  grabbed some coffee and began exploring Spirit Ridge.

 I started at the entrance.  A ranch style building for a lobby that also holds a small salon/spa, business center and restaurant Mica Restaurant where the breathtaking views continued.

After taking a lap to check out the pools, fitness center, and NK'Mip Desert Cultural Centre,  I knew we were in a powerful place. Guests of all ages were tranquil and respectful and the  staff always approachable.

Here, at Spirit Ridge in British Columbia for my second FAERIE inspiration trip for #TellYourTale, I made sure to have my camera on me. I’m working on a new business where I am integrating my artwork with products. I truly believe in going someplace new  to find your story. Seeing visuals in a town with a fresh eye is key for me, and inspires me to create something new.

I had been searching for a relaxing mindfulness trip. I decided this would be a week for self-love, rest, reflection but I had no idea what a perfect place I was headed to.

Surrounding the resort are sloping vineyards, the shimmering Osoyoos lake, and Canada’s only desert. Filled with natural landscapes, there is so much to see from lookout centers, to cultural tours, to wine tastings. There is something for everyone to appreciate in Osoyoos. Spirit Ridge Nk’Mip Cellars Winery on site, the golf course, the spa, private beaches, and delicious food, Spirit Ridge is truly it’s own paradise with Osoyoos as it’s surrounding.


{ Travel tip: on your last flight from Calgary to Penticton get a window seat. Even if you’re not a window seat person. You’ll fly for an hour over breathtaking mountains that set the stage for your adventure.  }