{ Happy One Year, "The Way She Wears It" }

It’s been a year- a YEAR since my book The Way She Wears It: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Revealing Your Personal Style came out. It’s been a ride. The book hit best seller list on Amazon, is still sold in B&N and Anthro – not to mentioned how blown away I am by your sweet reader-notes. I still try to get back to each and every question and note that comes in.

When the book came out it did better than we expected which took me on a 3 month long press tour. And that was AWESOME- but we didn’t get to share as much of the BTS and designer find. so I just want to share a few more things with you all.


If anyone has any Qs on designers you see, how to write a book proposal, or any Qs about the style sections- I’m all yours.

Came across there press photos and thought I’d share.


We had to take some press photos, but that’s not, you know, in budget for the author or the editors. Working in fashion I knew we had to send out the pre-press release.

 We crashed The Queen in DE, Alison took some pics, Sullivan Owen brought flowers (and I made her make a corsage b/c I love them and she almost killed me- sorry Sullivan) and Kylie brought our Pinterest to life on a wall.


When taking press photos for a book-- a book that isn’t made yet-- it’s important to try to hint a little bit to the contents. The book is about finding your personal style, having some fun with it, and using artwork/visuals to inspire you.

To this day, many shoots are just good hearted creative people coming together to make some photo magic. I’m lucky that creative friends came together to make this happen.