{ Thank You Better Homes & Gardens! }

I am so excited to be featured in the September Better Homes & Gardens issue.

029 BH0917 Interview Dallas Shaw.jpg

A very long time ago, a magazine-  I won’t name names- called me to do a feature on me. I was just starting off my career, so that fact that they were giving little me a full page was mind blowing. I’d never been so excited. Much to my surprise, when the issue arrived – they had cut me. The entire feature. But they didn’t tell me, and way back then I was far more sensitive to this kind of thing because I didn’t realize it was par for the course…yet. Anyway, the magazine came in the mail and I looked and looked—and the feature wasn’t there. I emailed the editor to see if I made a mistake and she didn’t respond. I think I cried for a full day. ( See told you- I used to have a heart.)

Since then I’ve been featured in many magazines, but this September Better Homes & Gardens gave me a full page. And they don’t know it, but it really made me think and reminded me of how far I’ve come mentally, as well as in my career since that very first failed feature.

Read about (just part of) my morning beauty routine...I mean I could write a book about it ;) so just a few recent faves . And on a personal level, Thanks Better Homes & Gardens for the sweet reminder of my growth in a very ruthless industry.

{ Better Homes & Gardens }