{ Holston House Artwork }

Holston House itself was inspiring architecturally and its sign really struck me. Like a cool 1950’s neon sign. So much, that when you’re walking past the hotel, you can’t help but stop and admire ...and maybe even go in for a drink? (Remember what I said before, Bar TENN is a must...and don’t forget Phillip too).

IMG_1135 3.JPG

Here’s a little artwork I did for my friends at Holston House. Thanks to @UnboundxHyatt team for giving me a much needed staycation and creative boost. Sometimes stepping out of your day to day puts things in a fresh perspective and gives you just the kind of inspiration boost you need.

IMG_1141 3.JPG
IMG_1138 3.JPG

Speaking of, the inspo gathering continues as the team and I travel to British Columbia, Canada. We’ll be hanging at Spirit Ridge so if any of you have recommendations on the best spots in town, drop me a line. I’m so excited to see what this trip will bring. Make sure to follow along on Insta and #TellYourTale for all the fun times, gorgeous sights, and plenty of inspiration.

See you there Xx