{ How-to Holiday Swag}


Refreshed, inspired and ready to share more!

Have you noticed a slight lull in the blog posts and a change of palette over at Instagram? I’ve been working on soo many design projects that it has pulled me away a bit from social. And it was the BEST thing that has happened to me! With less of a schedule, I came back refreshed, inspired and ready to only share more of what I think you’ll like. 


{first things first}

So the first thing I’m sharing here is something I made yesterday. I got so many notes on Instagram that I thought this would be a nice start.

So I did something I don’t normally do…I went into the woods. I’ve been reading a book by Laird Hunt –—A House in the Dark of the Woods. Maybe that inspired me (P.S if you are into modern writing but magic things, read this one for sure. And that cover huh?)


{what caught my eye}

Let’s be clear, you aren’t allow to chop down trees and completely destroy nature. But it’s Fall and the majority of the woods and trails are drying and overgrown, so selective gathering is fine. 

What you’re looking for—– texture, texture, texture! Plant types—-whatever speaks to you.  


{the idea}

First, I got home and immediately separated everything into vases with water. 

Then I decided that I would make a swag for my door.  I started by hitting Michaels and buying the base—the base is actually artificial greens! It cost a total of $45 ($15 for each piece). 


{go to work}

Then I began – no plan, no inspo, but a coffee and holiday music (which you saw in my insta stories)

I wired the biggest pieces in first and then just wove the rest right in. My favorite parts are the small rose buds I added last minute from the backyard!

Then I used the leftovers for the tree!


Hope it inspires you to make something this season. If you do, make sure to tag me so I can share!

Love, dallas


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