{ JetBlue Vacations: Orlando }

I've been traveling pretty non stop for years now. My career in design has me in meetings all over the world but sometimes I don't find time to just take a weekend and visit a favorite place with some old friends. During this book tour I decided I wanted to make a few quick trips back to places I've been meaning to get to and work hasn't taken me to this year. My first stop was with JetBlue Vacations back to my old home in Orlando, Florida. 

I arrived to Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa late on Friday evening and took the next morning to explore the grounds. I had never stayed there and Disney Springs has been completely updated since my last visit so I was absolutely charmed at my home for the weekend. Saratoga Springs is so quiet and tucked away that you can hardly believe you are in the hustle and bustle of Disney World in peak season.

My cozy villa had a full kitchen, huge bathroom and a balcony with a killer view of Disney Springs across the water which I took full advantage of in the morning. (I love nothing more than a balcony and view.) 

I used to work at Disney so I visited Epcot on Saturday -which you know is my favorite- and then made a trip to visit Mickey at the castle on Sunday. I also made some time to check out the new Disney Springs before I had to leave for another project on Monday and see a few old friends on property. 

JetBlue Vacations- thanks so much for encouraging me to take a weekend for a quick getaway. Even the shortest trips can sometimes provide lifelong memories and it was so much fun to visit a past life with you. 

The goofiness went down in insta stories of course but here are a few highlights of the trip (Including these Missoni Minnie ears that were in my room waiting for me which are made exclusively for Four Seasons. I was so humbled at the gift and to have this unique job of mine.)