{ Left My Heart in Osoyoos }


In the 4 days we were visiting Spirit Ridge, in between exploring the town with my camera, we got to experience some really special moments on and around the property. You can go to Spirit Ridge to relax and reflect, but there are other things to do to really take part in the culture.

Here are some of the things I was invited to experience in Osoyoos.

-private tasting in the Grotto (the cellars)

-traditional lunch in a teepee

-a visit to Spotted Lake to learn about it’s healing quality.

-daily breakfast/coffee at the Market

-work lunches at Mica

-relaxing moments in the pool cabanas

-dreamcatcher shopping

-desert scrubs at the Spa

-exploring local cuisine at KZ’Met vineyard

-smudging ceremony in a local Indian village

-more food and wine at Sunrock with chef pairings

-rooftop sunsets under string lights

- cocktail pairing parties at Mica

SpiritRidge-DallasShaw-TellYourTale-TeePeeTable (1).jpg

Overall- I never thought I’d travel this often, especially in the line of work of illustrator/designer, but I do. I’ve stayed at A LOT of beautiful hotels. This one is different. It’s not an average hotel experience. It’s a place to discover yourself in the trails, vineyards, and views. To quote Oscar Wilde, “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance”- this is your place. Learning about each band’s culture, respect for land, elders and animals will have you looking through new eyes.

I returned home with a respect that is hard to explain- but something I hope everyone has a chance to experience.

I hope to go back in September for some yoga and to visit some friends at the resort. And of course, another desert scrub at the spa :) .

SpiritRidge-DallasShaw-TellYourTale-ColorfulWall (1).JPG