{ Let's Collab in 2018 }

Wishing all clients and new friends a very Happy New Year.

I’m still overwhelmed by the year-  illustrations, visual creative consulting and the BOOK!? I cannot believe we are still watching the book numbers go up, up, up almost a year later. (If you haven't picked it up yet- anywhere books are sold).
Thank  you to all clients for making my year a memorable one- and to all friends who got me through some of you crazy clients. ;)

As always, the year in review. If you haven’t been following along on social channels here is what you missed. I hope it inspires you to join along in 2018.


Did you make the 2017 Highlight Reel?!

{ Talked about my faves on Style Code Live, crashed weddings with my pencils in Hawaii as the official illustrator for St. Regis Princeville, drew boxes with Dior, celebrated the launch of my first book, The Way She Wears It: The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Revealing your Personal Style, flew to Chicago for the VIP treatment at PHYTO, and flew back 8 hrs later. Sketched some ballerinas for charity, celebrated uptown with Annick Goutal, was named the 2018 NYFW ambassador for PHYTO Paris, designed a bracelet with my bestie, poured champagne on Frankie Grande live on TV, designed a ring- no, make that two - opal rings for Elisa Solomon, sat on the floor and cried when my book hit #1 best seller in Fashion on Amazon on DAY TWO. Might cry again right now just thinking about it. Moved to Nashville. Pulled a Carrie Bradshaw when I saw my book in Barnes and Noble, added my own self to my cart at Anthropologie, dripped in diamonds with De Beers, brought runway looks to life for Carolina Herrera and then decked their office halls, designed press kits with Essie, went on a 3 month book tour and threw style events with clients everywhere from NYC, Philadelphia, Nashville, Orlando, Scranton, Bryan Mawr, Annapolis, Texas, El Segundo, Oceanside, Los Angeles…and lived to tell about it.
Took over visuals for some very talented people, met 'n greeted everyone at Macy’s Herald Square Flower Show, spoke to the warmest hometown crowd, woke up early with Good Day NY, took over Ted Baker Insta Stories (and store) with my entire family, only lost my voice 4 times, celebrated standing room only talks at SCAD, talked style, art and football (??) on Hallmark's Home and Family, Cried again when I was written up in the NEW YORK TIMES. Fell again, got back up again. Danced with YSL, toasted with Butterbeer, had a hard time saying goodbye to Michael Stars (miss you Cali team), Decorated with Viyet, reviewed approximately 3,753,094 swatches of pink paper. Spoke about social media at Engage Summits, swam with the stingrays… lived to tell about that too. Made my own perfume, Designed a secret handshake for Thompson Nashville, got a little lacy with Journelle, painted for Puristry, launched my own collection with Hanky Panky, hung in NYC with team Brahmin, got fancy during fashion week with eBay, represented an enire state for a denim project, designed something special for BLVD and got charmed with Lulu Frost, began an illustration collection exclusively for Four Seasons Orlando, tested 27,439,874 beauty products, shared 27,439,874 beauty products on social, visited Austin with The Driskill, oh! and I started a very pretty side project called FAERIE. Just wait. }


Whether you next project is illustrated in visual concepts, here's hoping we get to work together in 2018.


Until then, be sure to join the conversation and creativity at the links below.

We have already begun scheduling illustrations, panels and visual consulting for 2018. To see how we might be able to work together, shoot a note to info@dallasshaw.com. We’ll get back to you asap to brainstorm- our ideas are pretty good ;)


Live in the area and need a creative outlet – come hang with us! Seriously.

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