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Instead of tackling all of the large pieces and then filling with accessories, I do buy blankets, throws an pillows as I go because I like to see a mix of texture when guiding the room design. Just as I added the hand knit Sara Lou blanket just after buying a couch, I decided to add some faux fur to the rattan peacock chair.


When searching for throws, look for mixed textures with patterns and colors you are drawn too. You can always find some unique throws at sites that sell rugs so I hit up Loloi Rugs when choosing the perfect throw.

Loloi had so many categories of throws to choose from, my favorite  being the Aida Collection  , the Lily Collection  ( I have a cozy cream blanket just like this growing up), and the Romy Collection. Seriously, they just makes me want to curl up and take a daytime nap right now. 

I was looking for a throw for the rattan Apple and Oak chair, so I decided I’d add a fur. Because, why not. I went with this grey fur throw from the Zora Collection. It’s made of 100% acrylic and the shade is actually a violet-grey with small white wisps throughout. I love curling up with it in the morning with my coffee , and I’m not going to lie sometimes it does end up right next to me at night too.

{ Loloi Rugs Zora Collection T0022 Grey }

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