{ Meet me at the Hermitage }

The second hotel I visited in Nashville was the historic Hermitage hotel.


One step into the lobby and you are instantly taken over by luxury. The Hermitage Hotel first opened September 17, 1910. It's Beaux-Arts architecture is the work of James Carpenter, and embodies an Italian and French Renaissance feel--complete with a grand staircase, ballroom, and mezzanine. The Hermitage was a favorite stay for politicians (Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter), celebrities (Johnny Cash, Charlie Chaplin, Hank Williams, Babe Ruth), and even bank robber John Dillinger. 

My room had a beautiful view of the Capitol building, and was just as ornate and carefully trimmed as the rest of the hotel.

My favorite thing about this hotel - and you won't be surprised by this - was the bath concierge. That's correct, b a t hc o n c i e r g e . Coming back from a chilly dinner? You call the bath concierge and they quietly go into your room (it takes about 10-15 minutes), dim the bathroom lights, and run a bath for you complete with rose petals, scented candles and a television set to soothing sounds. The service is included with all rooms at the hotel. 

I'm not sure I need to say any more. If you are heading to Nashville, here is a link to book the hotel-Enjoy that bath.


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