{ My Skincare Regiment from Joanna Vargas }

I decided to make skincare my new year's resolution for the year. It's just...changing. I'm tired and traveling nonstop and I'm starting to see the effects of my job on my face. Not cool. 
My job does comes with a lot of perks, some of which include spa visits and treatments so you'd think I'd know exactly what to do next, but see --I'm often invited to experience a new space or trendy treatment and since I'm just showing up a few times a year to relax I'm never really never learning about a tailored skincare plan. I try hundred of products a week (seriously. I think I've tried  a l l   of the products.) but I'm just learning about one product at a time, not a specific plan for my own skin.

So this year I decided it was time to get serious and actually learn about how to take care of my skin. This is where my plan gets fun. I'm literally putting my face in the hands of celebrity esthetician Joanna Vargas. (She treats everyone from Jessica Alba, to Brad Goreski so the fact that she invited me to do this with her is beyond exciting). 

I showed up this week for my first visit and turn my face over to the expert. It was a rough morning in NY of cold temps, pouring rain and a delayed train due to an engine replacement mid-trip (of coooourse) but when I found the 5th avenue studio, the friendly --and tight and glowing--  faces of Joanna's team made me feel better. I met with an expert on the team, Sarah, who analyzed my skin. I asked a lot of questions- should I be using a retinol? glycolic? And was surprised to hear that they didn't think I needed any of those things to see results. Instead they'd use a series of facials throughout the year and a bed (that looks like a tanning bed and isn't a tanning bed) to whip my skin into shape. Ok, I trust. And with that I was whisked away to another room for my oxygen facial. An essential treatment on the celebrity circuit, this one Uses medical-grade oxygen to plump and hydrate skin. Elizabeth assured me this one would this gently erase dull skin and fine lines, leave skin silky smooth with a renewed radiance.. and also include extractions (yasss). Then, they'd put me in the bed-- which we'll get to in another post.

I left looking glowy, feeling like I was wearing a clean palette and brought home a few of Joanna's products to tide me over until next visit. I can't wait to see what they have in store for me this year. Oh, and I said hi to Sienna Miller on the way out (swear to god).


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