{ Pt 2. The Truth About Why I Buy Designer Flats Revealed. The Illy. }

After several (fine. a few more than several) emails I realized people wanted to see more step-by-step of the artwork. So I present to you my newest purchase brought to life.

Step one: Gather art supplies, pour a glass of red and sit on floor. This is actually what happened - I was traveling and couldn’t sleep and whipped these up on the bedroom floor.

Step two: I always start with a rough and quick pencil outline and base colors because I get way to excited over the details and often just don’t spend enough time on this step. I’m using only watercolor here.


Then before details I put in the heavy colors. Remember to make sure the rest is dry or it will bleed. Watercolor has a mind of it’s own- you can’t control it. Maybe this is why I get along so well with the medium… Deep thoughts…


After That I start with the details. Yes also in watercolor, then pencil. After that I add white and any small ink touches needed for an outline.


Last – and I’m not sure why I always do this last- but I add the Gucci lettering and sign wherever I feel like. Then – and this is important- only shoot your work in natural light even if it means waiting for the next morning like I did here.


Hope you love as much as I do. I’m planning to have this made into something amazing so remember don’t copy this one, use your own favorite pair of shoes instead. Hope this is what you wanted! Please leave any qs below or email away. Happy to help if and when I can.


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