{ Q & A must-read with hair genius Anthony Cristiano }

A few month's back I did a project for Phyto that changed my hair care routine forever. I was flown to Chicago where I had my hair done by the talented Anthony Cristiano. He gave me a hair treatment that completely changed my hair and outlook on haircare. AND he left me with some insider tips. When I washed twice with the shampoo as he mentioned (below) I literally felt the difference during second wash...so I just had to ask him for more. 


For all you first time Phyto-ers (or big time fans) this ones for you. 

Q: Why do you wash twice with PHYTO shampoo.

Anthony: The philosophy behind lathering twice, for all PHYTO shampoos, is that the first lather cleanses the scalp and hair, while the second treats the scalp and hair. It's important to leave the second lather on the scalp  for 30 seconds to a minute. By doing so, you will allow the botanics to oxygenate, which will regenerate the hair and scalp to regain optimal balance and provide suppleness and lust to the hair.

Q: Favorite shampoo for first time PHYTO-ers?

Anthony: A staple to have would be the Phytojoba Shampoo. It'a great everyday hydration shampoo that's gentle for all hair types. Depending on the client's specific needs, it's not uncommon for phyto-ers to have a few different types of shampoos to alternate with the Phytojoba. For example, some client's have sensitive scalps or hair that's thinning, so they would alternate with the Phytoapaisant or Phytologist to aide with those needs.

Q: What are two other PHYTO products you feel we cannot live without and why?

Anthony: The PHYTO Intense Volume Mousse and Phytovolume Actif are my go-to styling products. The mouse adds body for all hair types especially  for fine and limp hair. It helps me create structure and increases volume and control to my styles. The Phytovolume Actif when applied to the roots, helps me amplify the strand of the hair to create fullness and bounce. While both are used great individually, they could also be blended together, which in turn allows me to reach the perfect shape and form to my styles.

Don't forget to share your PHYTO faves with me @DallasShaw. And for all you first time PHYTO-ers...you'll never go back.

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