{ Rugs USA }

I’ve worked with the Rugs USA team for years after trying to order rugs from other sites and being put on a year backorder list. I’ve always found Rugs USA has nearly the same styles as other stores at a much lower price and with faster delivery options.

The first thing I ordered for the Nash space was a rug. I wasn’t sure exactly the direction the living room would go in so I went with Jute. Can’t really ever go wrong with jute.


When searching for the perfect natural rug, look at the braid itself and keep an eye for a unique style. A difference in thickness of the rope or weave can elevate these classics quickly. For me, the thicker braids feel more expensive to me. I looked at a number of these and of course settled on the Maui Jute Simple Rug because it’s got silver woven throughout! I was looking for a rug that felt lighter in color than the standard browns and the silver tint gave it a nice light wash.

When friends come over they don’t even notice the silver touches until they get close—which is the beauty of it. Me? I notice it every day.