{ Sarah Lou }

After I got through all of the base pieces, I began adding texture, texture and even more texture. I wanted something cozy and I’ve been following Sarah Lou’s work for some time. I was eyeing a number of merino wool blankets, but loved how Sarah’s knit style seemed thicker in knit than others.

{ SarahLouCo Cloud White Merino Wool Blanket }

I couldn’t be happier with my choice to start here. It truly is the world’s comfiest blanket. I choose a throw in cloud white merino wool. It’s a great description of the color- a cool white with almost an undertone of cloudy gray. In hindsight the light tan merino would have worked equally well in the space or the blush… but the white really compliments the marble top Ave Home table. It lays on my couch- and sometimes gets stolen away to join me in bed when I’ve had a rough day and I need to channel sweet dreams.

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