{ Sparkly Lip Options That Won’t Have You Looking Like A Twelve Year Old }

Sparkle lips. A new beauty trend I’ve been seeing everywhere. But how do you wear it without looking like a twelve year old? I’m about to tell you.


{ Rose Gold Lips }

The key is picking the right shade for your skin tone. You want something that compliments you. For example, if you have really fair skin it may be wise to steer away from any of the sparkle lips  with a light, matte color (it will wash you out) and instead opt for a rose gold metallic. For those with a more medium to dark skin tone bold colors are a must. And for anyone who’s a little shy about rocking a sparkly lip, there’s always the shimmer gloss option which looks great on every skin tone.

Here are my picks for the best sparkly lips

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{ Winky Lux Unicorn Tears }

1) Okay, first of all the packaging is gorgeous. But that aside, this is a great option for those a little hesitant to try a sparkly lip. While the gloss looks like it comes out lavender, it’s actually goes on sheer. It’s also infused with Vitamin E to keep your lips moisturize, which is a must, especially during the cold months.


{ Stila Glitterati Lip Top Coat in Transcend }

2) Stila’s Glitterati is a top coat that can be worn as a glossy lip or be paired with a matte lip of your choice. This is great for someone who is open to trying a sheer sparkly lip as well as a bold sparkly lip since it can be paired with any matte color. This formula has a high concentration of sparkles so you are sure to shine no matter what.

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{ Too Faced La Créme Color Drenched Lipstick in Unicorn Tears }

3) This super luxe, creamy formula by Too Faced gives a pretty iridescent shimmer to any pout. This shade comes on almost like a light lavender with a hint of pretty blue sparkle. Great for any skin tone. Too Faced also provides a hint of White Lotus Flower Extract, which hydrating, soothing and lip conditioning properties. Keeping your lips sparkly and soft.

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{ L’Oreal Infallible Lip Paint Metallic Lips in Moon Lust }

4) L’Oreal delivers an affordable, high impact sparkly lip with plenty of color. It has a glossy metallic finish with full coverage. This “Moon Lust” color is the perfect rose gold and could pass as your regular lip color with an added sparkly punch. Great for those who want to add a little fun to their everyday makeup.

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{ Huda Beauty Lip Strobe in Shameless }

5) Okay no we’re getting serious. Huda Beauty ‘s Lip Strobe in Shameless has a sheer base but contains full coverage sparkles of pink and gold. The more coats, the stronger the color. The best part is Huda Beauty’s non-stick formula. Sticky lip gloss is the worst and Huda Beauty promises a smooth formula so you can wear on a windy day and not have to worry about your hair sticking to your sparkly lips (ew).

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{ Lime Crime Diamond Crushers Lip Topper in Gemini and L.A. }

6 & 7 ) Lime Crime Diamond Crushers is taking sparkly lips to the extreme. The colors come on exactly like they look in the bottle and smell like strawberries. Lime Crime delivers serious color and will be sure to make you stand out. Gemini is the perfect combo of maroon and blue duochrome and L.A. is a cool sunset orange. If you’re serious about trying the sparkly lip, you have to try these.


{ Sparkly Lips }

Shades for every skin tone and sparkle lover, you’re sure to find your perfect match. Share your sparkly lip look with me by tagging @DallasShaw on social media. I love getting inspiration from those around me.

X - Dal

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