{ Thank You Hyatt }

Another thing I want to share before I sign off are a few thoughts on this overall project. Working with the Hyatt team throughout the year has been one of my favorite jobs. Yes, nothing can compare to visiting these beautiful cities and destinations but I travel nonstop and can tell you that it’s the project itself and the team that make the experience whole.

I’d imagine it’s similar to filming a movie- if the director and crew are creative and feel like family then your job on set would feel more enjoyable. It’s really the only way I can explain the difference in the creative jobs I take on. They are all beautiful, inspiring, and I choose to take each one for personal growth reasons, but some are still better than others and this year with The Unbound Collection by Hyatt team has been one of my most enjoyable yet. Imagine someone called you up, and told you you’d be doing a lot of traveling this year (what? Yay!) and that you’ll be experiencing cities, hotels, and new culture ( amazing…go on…) and that you’ll be doing this with a group of strangers. Let me introduce you to our marketing team who you’ll be traveling with and creating with. (excuse me?) I travel well with strangers but I think we all know this had the potential to go any direction.

7 months later, I’m proud to say I’ve found I feel at home in each one of the hotel’s we stayed in. I took away not only beautiful photos, but lifelong friendships within the hard working company. Traveling and getting to know this group was just lovely. We often said when looking at these photos “no one is going to believe we were on a work trip” because while we worked and explored and met the talented staff at each hotel, the smiles on our faces from the true laughter was evident. They provided me with the environment to create. To explore. To look at new streets for myself and to take creative ideas right into their offices.

I’m leaving this project not only inspired by creating the artwork for each hotel (Holston House, Spirit Ridge, Eliza Jane ) but artwork and concepts I’ll bring into my next project, and all projects here on after. I can only hope for more hours in the day to bring the inspiration of Cannes to life. Thank you to the Hyatt team for choosing me to be a part of this adventure for the year. I hope it will be the beginning of many more projects to come.

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