{ The DS Edit : YSL }

While I love an irresistible price, I also choose to mix my treasured steals with designer pieces. After working for years in-industry I simply don’t believe in buying designer for a label, but instead when I find piece in a colorway, and shape that I want to live in. While I want to own all of the shoes, I’m also a growing business owner and need to choose my investments carefully so when spending on designer goodies I choose the pieces I know I can wear often and wear out. This week I’m sharing the YSL pieces I’ll be adding to my closet after very careful consideration. And a few glasses of wine.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 1.44.09 PM.png

Oh hi can you say statement earring?  These are large and clip on and they give me life. While they would be an easy designer add to edge up your go-to LBD,  I’d wear with my boyfriend jeans, and white tee without hesitation.

Traveling and errand running is so much easier with a backpack. I was never a backpack girl- until my schedule got wild and now I just get it. And a designer backpack makes all of your busy days feel a little bit more special. 

I don’t think I even need to explain myself here with these heels. Perfection. 

Ok this, thiiiis is a little pricey so I may wait for this one to go on sale BUT I feel like this sweatshirt is a basic live-in piece for me and I can only image it getting more and more amazing as is gets beats up (from my 1 million wears and washes).

I few other mentionables: I think when investing in a wallet or leather accessories you can’t go wrong with their permanent collection.  The YSL Zip pouch in black leather and the black card case are on my invest-in list next. I personally really lean toward the styles with the gold type- feels visually strong to me. Note that this is the best gift ever basically. My birthday is in March. ;)

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