{ The Illy: Loeffler Randall Metallic Sandals }

I’ve been sharing these babies like craaaazy, because they are a dream come true. So good, I was inspired to illustrate the iridescent metallic goodness.

IMG_1073 2.JPG

Started out with their gray/blue watercolor base and filled in the array of colors from there. They were the perfect subjects and gave me so many colors to work with.

IMG_1074 2.JPG

The mix of teal, pinks, and gold added with pencil, and white paint combined to capture the shimmery-ness of the metallic leather sandals.

IMG_1076 2.JPG

Aaaand voila! The finished product. Loeffler Randall, you’ve stolen my heart with these shoes. I have worn them non-stop with cropped denim and even with my spring floral dresses- like this one. Plan on wearing these for a long time Xx

{ I’ve drawn my personal favorite products for everyone from YSL to Adam Lippes.. and would love to keep my list going.

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