{ The Perfect Bloomingville Stools }

Is it weird that sometimes I want to work from my kitchen island? I work a lot from home so you’ll find me on balconies, on couches, and often just late night researching right at my kitchen island. Because of that I needed stools, and you really don’t understand how hard it is to find nice stools until you start stool shopping.

Wooden round top stools are everywhere, and if I saw one more metal backless option I was going to fall over. The counter divides the kitchen and the living area and is full of pastel-y gray washes, so finding this pair of Bloomingville grey rattan stools (yes you heard me correctly: Grey. Rattan. Gasp.) was a huge relief.


They are really beautiful in themselves so no tucking away necessary. Check it out. Again, Bloomingville’s US site saves the day. This is my 3rd visit and won’t be my last.

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