{ The Perfect Gift to Give to Any Girl on Your List, and What To Give It With. }

You guys are so. Stinking. CUTE.

I’ve been putting little book reminders up across social in hopes that’ll you’ll support your girl and give my hard work as a gift this holiday season.

I felt a little weird about sharing so often because I didn’t want to annoy anyone, but to my surprise I got the SWEETEST notes from all of you who bought, and were already reading, The Way She Wears It- and a lot of people remarked they loved seeing how I wrapped the books.

Then it got me thinking...I may as well tell you exactly how to give the book too since you’re into it.


I kid you not, this is a no-fail gift for anyone on your list who likes shopping. They don’t have to read this blog, or even know who I am at all - the book isn’t a memoir guys, it’s a fashion book.

The book is a guide to finding you personal style at any age level. The special part is that you are truly figuring it out on your own which means you’ll feel comfortable, and better yet CONFIDENT, in your purchases.


The most fun part about this book, IMHO, is that you get to become a fashion and beauty editor- for yourself.

Anyone who likes this book will also be into wellness, style, trends…or at least they want to be into trends and they are good at relaxation. That means it’s perfect for everyone from coworkers, to besties, to mamas, to nieces. You don’t even need wrapping paper which even makes it perfect for a hostess gift. I mean – NO fail.


Pick any one or two items from this list (can be mixed) and tie it up with the book with some ribbon or twine for THE best gift they never thought of and you look like the most thoughtful gift giver in the land.

(And how much fun when you hand it to them and say “NBD, I know the author”. )

You can buy the book anywhere books are sold- Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Anthropologie so that’s step one.


Now, I present to you, exactly what to give with TWSWI  this year. The book itself is amazing to gift, and is perfectly fitted for stockings, but these toppers will make you the holiday hero.


{ No. 1 Tom Ford Bronzer Brush, Sigma Beauty Detail Brush Set, NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Brush }  { No. 2 Maison Margiela Replica Masculine Discovery Set, CHLOÉ Signature Prestige Set , MAC Creme d'Nude Shadescents Kit }  { No. 3 Urban Decay Naked Palette Collection }  { No. 4 Patchology Flash Patch }  { No. 5 Anthropologie Velvet Corded Headband }  { No. 6 MAST Chocolate }  { No. 7 Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Edit Volume 3 }  { No. 8 Forever 21 Chenille Ribbed Knit Beanie, H&M Mohair Blend Headband }  { No. 9 Anthropologie Demetria Drop Earrings }

 { No. 1  A set of makeup brushes } OR one killer collector brush that she’ll cherish forever. Personally I like them out of box and tied right to the top of the book with ribbon...but what do I know.

{ No. 2  A new perfume } I know what you’re thinking, but read the book. I say give fragrance as a gift but don’t ask what she wears- just get one you like.  Put a little note in it that says “Dallas personally told me to give it with this on page 216”. She’ll understand as she reads.

If you are giving the book with a full size perfume, go the gift set route. In Nordstrom they are about $4 more for a travel size and lotion. The best part is that she can reuse the box as the book will instruct her. Why would you look at that- These two by Chloé and MAC match perfectly. ;)

(I personally love the Chloé set. Bought that for myself this week.)

{ No. 3  Naked Palettes } All product junkies love the Naked Palettes. Any one of these will suffice and it’s ok if she already has it. Girls love back ups of these. Note: Heat is the newest palette if you want to look savvy.

{ No. 4  Patchology } These are cool. You put them under your eyes while you're getting ready for work or drinking your AM coffee and you automatically feel like you started your morning off right. While many people may not splurge on these for themselves, you can guarantee once they try they will re-buy. (The PR Reps for this project landed on gold I tell ya ).

{ No. 5  A turban headband } Cute to wear out or just around the house if you’re into it. Also fun to wear in for a spa night. Wrap this right around the book as your bow.

{ No. 6  Mast Chocolate } The book is about visuals. So is the gift. So are their sweets.

{ No. 7  Hourglass Highlighter Set } I mean look at it. Best of all, the shades are beautiful highlighters sans the glittery chunks. To match the challenge on page 85.

{ No. 8  Winter Wear } Wrap it up with a really special hat/scarf. Something she can get excited to kick off this project with. Choose a fun color or stitch to set her in the right direction. You can never have too many. (Bonus- the ones in this moodboard are between $4.99-$12.00 )

{ No. 9  Earrings } Anthro earrings. The packaging is such a bonus.

And lastly, a pink poinsettia. Simple. Last-minute-friendly. Gorgeous.

If she does follow me on social, here are three things that will be perfect:

Tie on this bird ornament 

Coconut Incense from Sunday Forever,

Ooh and Jordan Almonds (Only If they follow me. If they don’t, this last one won’t land but you are safe with the rest. )

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