{ The Perfect Pineapple }

My mom recently told me that pineapples symbolize warmth and welcome. I had been searching through vintage shops for a set of brass pineapples since then! I thought a collection above my fireplace would be a nice way to welcome guests into my living room, sending these warm wishes. I had just given up the search due to sticker shock, when a much more practical solution presented itself. These brass Pineapple Tumblers arrived on my door from W&P Design!


Sayonara flamingo raft obsession--there's a new pool party prop in town, and I vote to bring it into the dining room cabinet after splash season.


Before adding them to the dinnerware collection, we decided to toast (who's terribly surprised that the team here chose to mix up a drink) to summer. Here is the website and a little drink we found at damndelicious.net.

Cheers friends.

Dallas Shaw