{ The Shade Store }

Years ago for a global photo shoot of my home (I know, it’s weird.),  I had some custom curtains made for the living space. The fabric was killer- Nina Campbell. Black. With birds AND roses. I was obsessed and still am, but there was one big problem. The black curtains looked super cool but let ZERO light into the living area. The plants died. I walked around in the daytime like “{yaaaawn} is it time for bed already?” No matter how high I pulled the curtains up, or how much I opened doors and windows, or played Chicago, it felt overwhelmingly dark and gloomy.

We decided to lighten up a bit, and really wanted the windows to feel like part of the room again. I called up my Shade Store friends to explain: “ See, I want something that’s really light, but also with some texture, and maybe wooden, but not tropical feeling...”, I rattled off my list of specifics for seemingly standard shades realizing I needed something, anything but standard. “We got you. Totally get it.” They assured me.

Within a week there they were bringing sunlight into my life again.


I went with woven wood shades  - I’ve always loved them in many natural and always will- to soften the space up. We went with the standard woven wood shade in saltaire 2, but I had a hard time choosing because I also really liked the woven wood shade in hampton 2, and the woven wood shade in seaview 7.

My plants are breathing again and I know what time of day it is. Thank you Shade Store for bringing us all back to life.

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