{ The shoe you'll need for fall - if you can find them. }

I've been on the "everything-gucci" bandwagon for some time now, but my bank account hasn't gotten on board enthusiasm. Finally, this week, I bit the rose-embroidered bullet and (after one hell of an adventure trying to track these down) am proud to call these babies my own.

While the majority of fashionista's splurge before fashion week, I choose to buy myself one designer piece at the end of NYFW. A treat to myself for making it out in good grounded form. It was only then that I realized just how hard these were to find. I visited a few stores in NYC, and made several calls to Gucci locations-only to find that these were a very limited run, therefore finding a size 6 left would prove to be challenging. Little does Gucci know, this girl loves a good challenge. 

A week later, they arrived from Connecticut and haven't left my feet since. Sharing this on the blog because if you've seen these around and are thinking about them there are only a few pairs left (trust.) Links below before they are gonzo.

{ Gucci Princetown Loafer Slides }

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