{ The Truth About Why I Buy Designer Flats Revealed }

You get to see all of the quiet beginnings and glamorous ending of our projects across social channels. While we always have a little bit of magic stirred up in our team’s coffee cups --what you don’t see is the long hours of work put in and sleep missed.

Once a year after a particularly grueling, but high paying, project I treat myself to something I’ve been eyeing up in the industry.

This year I went with these over-the-top Gucci Princetown Leather with Bow Loafers. They stopped me in my tracks while scouting for a client last week- well, because how do you miss these when you walk by. The beads, the bow, the goat hair… when I got home I did some research and it turned out there were only two of my size left in the US. So the decision was made the next morning ( see at least I slept on it) and I quickly had some new fall treasure.


“They look like when The Beast gets all fancied up” says my Aunt Lisa. And she’s right. And maybe that’s why I love them. After all, I am a Disney girl through and through.


I was recently explaining to a friend, when I spend on designer shoes I always spend on flats and sneaks first before heels. I’ve met too many people who buy designer heels and prop them up as display shoes and save them for special occasions. That is one way to do it- unless you’re me. In my honest opinion, if you’re gonna spend that much you better live in that item and love it so much that you beat the sh*t out of it from 3490982 wears. I’m not the industry norm- I just truly believe in living with designer if you are buying designer. I’m also a little odd in that I like the way things wear and wear out. Double odd: I love wearing these when I travel with jeans and a sweatshirt. The juxtaposition looks cool to me, regardless if it confused the hell out of people.

So when my new gift to myself arrived I promptly painted the subjects so I could capture their perfection. Then promptly wore them to a dive bar in Nashville.


First up here are the shoes. If you’re a 6- sorry rumor has it there is only one pair left in the US now. You can grab them here and feast your eyes on them below. Think you’ll be surprised at how fast they grow on you.

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