{ This Christmas: The Way She Wears It }

 This q came a few times I'll try my best to answer here.

How did you decide what you wanted the book to be about: 


When I entered the fashion industry I was coming from an art background. I got thrown in fast and hard and found I was intimidated by a lot of things. Prices, style, ego, more in-book explanation here. I learned over the years that the lifestyle industry is the farthest thing from scary. The confidence to try things on x the knowledge to know what makes you feel good is the key to owning your personal style.


Here's the thing tho- you have to figure it out for yourself otherwise it doesn't work. If you don't, you feel like you're wearing a costume. SO the book is a guide to finding that out for yourself. And some of my favorite clients and my drawings make it look pretty as you go. The Way She Wears It: The Ultimate Insiders Guide to Revealing Your Personal Style is available anywhere books are sold. You have 10 days That was a lot of talking.


Alison took these pics last year for the winter section. I’m sure only one was in the book because I was really weird about too many pictures of me in there (editors: more! Me: less! ) but the dress here, which is Valentino from Saks, is too too good to not share. Also sidenote- this lipstick is in the book as my favorite bright red and sweartogod it stays this bright all day. Much love Stila.