{ Truth or ...nope just the truth. }

Hi all, this is Dallas and you may have been noticing some small changes taking place visually. It’s because I’ve kind of re-hijacked all of my social pages in order to keep in real time and better connected with everyone.

At least once a month I’m interviewed by a university or publication about my job- and they are always the same questions. Many of you DM with those questions as well.

Ain’t mad at it, just noticed that people always want to know the same things.

I was thinking- maybe if I suck it up (I hate hearing my own voice or posting video that’s not directly edited by the entire Elle Mag team) and answer a few for you that I could really help a lot of people struggling to begin their own careers. I speak often on panels and at events so why not do the same for you.


Beginning asap I’ll start taking your q’s. I’ll answer each one honestly and on the spot so you get my realest answer. I’ll tag you in the answers so we can stay in touch as well.

There you have it. Email any questions you’d like answers to : info@DallasShaw.com, or direct message and tag me on any channel (see links below)  and make sure you note your first name AND handle so I can tag. Whether job related, product related- I know my skincare- or whatever is on your mind.

Need to know how to get a book agent? Ask.

Want to know the worst or best day of my job? Ask.

Want to know my celeb crush? Ask. (Not promising I’ll answer that one but you get the point).

Looking fwd to talking to you all very soon.



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