{ Viyet }

When I started adding some texture it was very evident that I HAD to do something about the blank walls surrounding the space. I decided I’d get a little creative and make a few things, but even so I needed a few larger showstoppers so I didn’t have two walls of teeny tiny …things. I looked around at the blank walls and current pieces and everything was feeling very low in height.

I decided I need something tall and wide to fill some room since I have been standing on chairs and tilting my smaller mirror before leaving the house.  So, getting a full length mirror was my logical choice. Viyet- a site I’ve always looked around and decided that when I made a purchase from there it would be something very special. Something I couldn’t find anywhere else (luckily their site is full of those finds).

{ Large Etched Venetian Mirror }

I ended up bringing in a large antique venetian mirror and leaning it against the wall. It brings so much extra light into the small space. The mirror is the showstopper of the space and I wholeheartedly believe in investing in a large piece. The reason I choose mirrors is because people often overlook them as a furniture piece in itself, all-too-often buying a cheap warped back-of-door full length mirror when you should be thinking of it as a work of art that should be on display. Think about how many times you check your outfit, or hair, before you leave for work– why not actually get a full length piece you love.

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