{ Why I created a brand called FAERIE }


It began with a book. One I found in the library the when I was young. I sat on the floor and flipped page after page looking at the pencil drawings of the forest, elves, tree stumps. I sat for what felt like days. I didn’t check it out of the library – there were scenes in the book I knew my parents would not approve of*.    I should have.

As many times as I went back I never found that book again but I remembered it and the drawings as if it was yesterday. And the spelling on the cover: FAERIES.

Years later, in my 30s, I told a creative  friend of a concept I’d been working on:

My drawings on paper products. And other things too. Magic things made more elevated, for the star-children who read Vogue. Less glitter.

Even spelled stronger: F A E R I E.

I showed her the visuals and my plan and waited to see what she thought.


She said “I have chills. And I love the spelling. It reminds me of a very dark book I had when I was younger…”

 And that’s when FAERIE took flight.



“It’s little by little that we find the courage for it all. “ – JH HARD …


The decision to bring this to life was difficult which is why it’s taken so long. Why shouldn’t I stay comfortable in my current situation. I love my job. I personally paved a yellow brick road for myself over the past ten years why would I take a different path now?  

Path two was to take what money I had saved over those years, and the book, and put every penny of it into an even bigger dream. Path two came with risk.  Path two seemed downright scary.

I’ve done everything I’ve ever dreamed of. I’ve worked for Disney. I am a fashion illustrator to my heroes. A beauty editor. An accidental influencer. A creative director. Visual Coach. Author. A made believer in the law of Attraction.


I’ve traveled for work, I’ve been hired by my heroes.

“Something was still missing from a job that handed me everything.”


The best way I can explain the pull to path #2  to non-creatives is this:

Just because you are hired and paid does not always mean the work is your own.

FAERIE, is all mine.



You’re one of US now


Instead of leaving my current path, I decided to add an additional one. Hopefully one that inspires people in some type of way.

I consider each person who makes a purchase a part of our team in some type of way. A part of my something bigger. My “dream team”, if you will.

If this speaks to anyone at all, then I hope you will visit FAERIE and buy something and support the idea of always being brave enough to starting a new adventure.

To my friends -  virtual and real- who went to wearefaerie.com and bought something already, I SEE YOU. I know price points are high because we are not mass producing right now and that fact that you bought and supported me has not gone unnoticed. I’ve been packing up your gifts individually with a smile on my face. 

What can you expect from FAERIE: the unexpected.

Each collection is a carefully curated mix of my adventures. My dreams. Choses Magiques from real life experiences.




-The paper product on the site features artwork by Dallas Shaw, which previously has only been available to the lifestyle industry.

- Collaborations. Each item in this category was made by one of our favorite and then given some special touches by our creative director to make it not only unique to FAERIE, but to you.

“Some call it collaboration. I call it magic.”


*By scenes my parents approve of I mean scary drawings. Settle down, mom.

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