{ Your Communion by Joy Smith Must-Have Based on your Astrological Sign }

As of late, I've been obsessing over everything astrological. Here at the office, we represent a wide range of the zodiac and we adore weekly horoscopes. Take myself for example: I'm a Pisces, a sign known for being artistic. How on point is that? 

In addition to my new (moon) phase, I've been bewitched by Communion by Joy Smith, a jewelry line for the “modern mystic.” Naturally, every piece is enchanting and inspires spirituality. I've combined my two latest infatuations and come up with your Communion by Joy Smith must-have based on your astrological sign. It’s such a match made in heaven, it must be written in the stars.


Aries: Mountain Peak Ring

Fiery and passionate, you’re devoted to those you love and will fight nonstop for what you believe in.  Stay fierce, strong-willed and constantly inspired by the red-hot garnets of the Mountain Peak Ring.

Taurus: Power Pyramid Ring

You’re ever so stubborn and fiery, refusing to budge if you have your mind set on something.  The Power Pyramid Ring will remind you to positively channel your passion and pour your strength into what you believe in.

Gemini: Spirit Wave Band

You’re a unique juxtaposition of adaptability and unpredictability, flexible yet hot one minute and cold the next.  The Spirit Wave Band compliments your duality and let’s you ride the wildest waves while remaining balanced.

Cancer: Arrow Light Necklace

You flourish when you feel at home, secure and consistent, which isn’t shocking since you’re ruled by the ever-cycling moon.  Equip yourself with the moonstone adorned Arrow Light Necklace, let it guide you through your journeys and keep you centered.

Leo: Guardian Amber Rustic Diamond Ring

You’re a natural leader and unapologetically yourself, so show off The Guardian Amber Rustic Diamond Ring, raw, unfiltered and bold, to compliment your powerful presence.

Virgo: Diamond Paradise Ring II

Charming and creative, yet too meticulous for your own good, you’re often your own worst enemy.  The opal, a water stone, of the Diamond Paradise Ring II will remind your perfectionist self to go with the flow all while unleashing your inner light.

Libra: Light Rays Dangle Studs

You’re all about stability and naturally shy if not coaxed out of your shell.  Balance your spirit and drip in the diamonds of the Light Rays Dangle Studs to confidently own your look and let your timidness drift away.


Scorpio: Enlightened Warrior Bar Ring

You’re bold and capable of overcoming seemingly impossible odds while remaining calm, cool and collected.  Highlight your steadfast perseverance and confident nature with the Enlightened Warrior Bar Ring.


Sagittarius: Joan the Warrior Necklace

You’re fairly impatient and often demand immediate results, but when presented with an obstacle, you persevere against incredible odds.  The Joan the Warrior Necklace will remind you of your inner strength and guide your warrior self.


Capricorn: Eye of the Warrior Ring

You’re philosophical and incredibly intelligent, yet tend to dwell on problems.  The Eye of the Warrior Ring will serve as a talisman to help you find balance and order while readying your spirit for the enlightenment you seek.


Aquarius: Spirit Hug Earring

You’re naturally quiet and lean toward the simple things in life, yet beautifully unorthodox in your creativity.  Compliment your artistic spirit with the Spirit Hug Earring to welcome unbalance and protect your inner light.

Pisces: Eye of Light Necklace

Delicate, generous and trustworthy, you care for family and friends unguarded and deeply.  Adorn yourself with the Eye of Light Necklace to remind you that you are protected by the radiance of your unselfish sight.

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