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I’ve been a long-time user of the infamous beauty blender. I even worked with the company last year at New York Fashion Week when they whisked me backstage and treated me to full makeup with the models before the Trina Turk show. I always get excited when little gifts from the team arrive and recently, something else started coming with the limited colors and I’ve been meaning to try it. blendercleanser Solid Makeup Sponge Cleanser

Now that I have finnnnally tried it, I’ll never won’t go without it. I’ve even scheduled a monthly cleaning day so I thought this could be a nice thing to share with everyone.


{ blendercleanser Solid Makeup Sponge Cleanser }

I always thought my brushes were clean, until I started using this.

There’s something oddly enjoyable about seeing the gook come out from deep inside of the bristles, which dry clean and have a bit of that lavender scent around for a night- reminding you to be proud of yourself for actually taking the time to do some much needed cleaning.

{ Collecting }

Now that you know how to keep these clean you can confidently build your collection.

I’ve always been afraid to spend too much on a brush I’ve never used but now that I’m sure of how to  keep them pristine, these are the two sets I’ve been eyeing up. I haven’t used Sigma Brushes before but I really like the design of these two sets in particular.


{ Sigma Beauty Essential Kit }

{ Storing }

Store your brushes in fun glasses like these to make getting ready even more mindful each morning.


{ Koki Tumbler }

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