{At home with Dallas}

I believe in surrounding yourself with beautiful things.

Note: I didn’t say expensive things—I said beautiful things. Whatever that means to you. I truly believe that everything you bring into your life—and specifically every little thing you bring into your home, whether it’s the hangers in your closet, the flatware in your kitchen, or the body wash in your bath—should be carefully selected piece by piece and item by item.

I used to live with a lot of “stuff”, and then found myself moving into a new small apt in a new state, which changed my frame of mind completely. I’d be starting from the beginning and I planned to and have less things and more special items. Just to be clear, this home project I’m about to embark on isn’t about minimalism or living simply—it’s about choosing all goods in your space specifically and carefully to match your own personal style. This is the start of a new home series on the blog where each and every item—right down to your toothpaste—will be carefully selected to be the perfect item for you. I believe in having no shower curtain until you find the perfect shower curtain, the perfect frame, the perfect shampoo (ok have a backup shampoo until then but you get the point). Truth: I don’t have a coffee maker here in my new place yet b/c I just want the perfect one. That’s how strongly I believe in this concept. (You know how I need my coffee). Until I find the right one, I’ll spend each morning taking a walk to support a local shop.

Recently, I took a creative position in Nashville, which meant I’d be left to fully furnish a new space there very, very, quickly. The last time I did that, I was at a very different place in life. I was newly married and stocking my house with things from my shower registry—which btw was hundreds of items all from 3-4 stores. Where on earth is the personal style in that? I promise you I’ll never understand registries. I hope that this home section on the blog will inspire you to look at decorating and necessities in a new way.

We’ll be looking at each item I brought in, piece by piece. If you are moving into a new space feel free to use this as your guide. I think you’ll find the order interesting—I had faux fur accent items before I had bathmats, and a plants before I had a toaster. ☺

Why, you ask? In the past 10 years I’ve worked in lifestyle and visuals I realized that truly living your own personal style is life changing. I believe that the things you surround yourself with should bring you happiness in your everyday life and I believe in this to an extreme. Your favorite scents in dish soap makes a daily chore more mindful. Lined bottles of beautifully labeled detergent can make laundry day relaxing.

I’m talking about everything with the exception of trash bags—but hey if you find really beautiful ones then let us know!—we’re not above a sleek trash day here at DS offices.

With this coverage we’ll be looking at the items I brought into my space piece by piece. I’ve already received 40 emails just from sharing a few of these items in insta stories, so I look forward to sharing the full sites, pieces and color-ways here with you.