{ color me obsessed }

Color Moodboard  

As an artist, color is something that's super important to me.  Through my illustrations, I combine watercolors to make other colors all the time.  Yet, there is this strange (in a good way) color that I cannot get out of my head, so much so that I have been pinning it constantly (have you noticed it yet). It's a beautiful, intriguing shade that lies somewhere in between brown and plum. Rich, but not too deep, more cherry than taupe, and not purple enough to be a mauve. I have a new obsession after seeing it everywhere and decided I will bring it into my house. Somewhere, somehow, it has to be in my home.

This cocoa hybrid shade is clearly on trend.  It's been popping up across home, fashion, and beauty--just check out the photos above. How did we live without this color in our lives for this long?

I am working with a new retailer this week, and I think I have found a way to get up close and personal with my new favorite hue. I will post a follow up as soon as possible- make sure you are reading daily so you can check it out ;)